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The Design/Build


The Design/Build process is really like "one-stop shopping." The purpose is to minimize the number of different people you need to hire in order to achieve your goal. Remodeling is always an adventure and you never know quite what challenges will come along, but with our process you do know that our team will act on your behalf and in your best interest to ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction.  The following components summarize our process:

Listening to the Client:
During our initial consultation we meet with you to spend time in conversation about what changes you would like to make to your home. We listen to what you want to accomplish and will give you input based on our experience with similar projects. We make rough draft sketches of your existing floor plan and will take pictures and measurements.  All of this information is then used in developing a design solution for you. 

With the information in hand, we draw your plans and create a preliminary budget.  Then we schedule a second visit.  This time, you will see blue prints of the plans and a budget detailing the expenses involved in your project, including information about the dollar amounts allotted for items that you will select, such as cabinets or countertops. Many times you will view our design plans on our computer.  This allows us to show you other alternatives (when applicable) while we are reviewing options for your project. 

Signing a Preliminary Agreement:
At the conclusion of the second visit, you may decide to move forward with us. If you do, we sign a partner plan. We will ask for a 3% deposit, which will later be credited to your final agreement. At that point, the blueprints are yours. If, however, at the end of our meeting you decide that you need more time make a decision, that's okay too. Our goal is to give you accurate information that allows you to make the right choice for you and your family.

Once we sign the partner plan, we recheck our measurements and draft construction drawings. We also schedule a day to go shopping. Though you could choose products from catalogs, we feel that the best way for you to achieve your goal is to actually see the products.  We use vendors that we are familiar with, and that is where we will take you to make your selections. Your questions will be answered and suggestions will be given regarding the quality of the products and their viability in your design. Once selections are finalized we will enter them into the plans.  This allows for truly accurate blueprints and specifications from which we and our trade contractors will work. 

Signing a Final Agreement:
Once all selections and plans are finalized, we will meet again to sign all ofthe necessary documentation relating to final specifications, blueprints, selections, and payment schedules.

We file for all building permits and inspections that may need to be done for your project. You will receive a schedule and meet the project leader for your job. We will discuss the specifics of what you can expect during the project.  Finally, construction begins. 

Warranting the Project:
When the project is complete we do a final walk-through to make sure it meets your satisfaction.  At that point your two-year warranty will begin. You can contact us anytime with concerns that you have about the project.